Artwork by Kristy Jarvis

What do animals do when we aren't looking? In my world they show their playful side, sense of humor and seem to be amused by the same things we are. We seem to connect to a particular animal or being for one reason or another. My art merges that love for animals with personalities similar to our own. While I start with a sketch or have an idea of what a character will look like, their personalities tend to emerge on their own through the process of painting or sculpting. My style is whimsical with a light-hearted feel. They are similar to what you might find in picture books you remember as a child or read with your own little ones. I play mostly with watercolor, ink, and paperclay but have recently added acrylic paint to my toy box. I scan my watercolor paintings and use them to make prints and stationery.

As a child, I loved drawing and creating characters from found objects. My creativity led me to a career in Graphic Design. After years of designing digital layouts, I chose to take a break and stay home with my children, which was where my heart was. Spending our day playing and reading stories (which often featured animals) I felt inspired to create quirky little characters. I began drawing at nap time which later led to painting and sculpting. Now with both children off to school I am able to spend a few hours a week making art.

For more examples of my work and where you can purchase it, please visit my artisan space.