Company 44 - Kim

When I was a small child, my dad would give me a board and some nails and a hammer to keep me busy while he worked in the garage. My mom would give me markers and typing paper and a block of old Formica that was left over from building our house. I guess they saw how creative I was from the beginning. I took clay and painting classes at the Upstairs Gallery when I was going to South Davis Elementary. At Bailey Junior High and Arlington High, I took art and clay classes. I wanted to take shop, but I was not that brave. My dream was to have my own store and sell my own creations. But I decided that was a pipe dream and got a degree in communications so I could get a “real” job. However, no matter what I’ve been doing over the last 35 years, working and raising kids, I’ve always had a creative outlet.

Three years ago, a trip to Fallingwater in Pennsylvania renewed my love for Frank Lloyd Wright. I decided to make a table out of marble and granite in his style. At the tile shop, I noticed some interesting mosaic tiles and decided my dad needed a side table by his chair. At that point, I fell in love with tile. My husband bought me a tile saw and miter saw for Christmas, and I’ve been happily using them ever since.

At this point, I like to call myself an Artist of Opportunity because I will pick up the oddest things and decide I can make something out of it. I enjoy all manner of tile work, wood work, and repurposing things creatively. I have done custom work for my friends, and would be happy to create something for you!

For more examples of my work and where you can purchase it, please visit my artisan space.