Eclectic Design Choices - C Stein

I have always enjoyed creating and was lucky to have two creative, supportive parents. My parents arranged extracurricular art classes for me and I took as many art electives as possible in high school including drawing, painting, jewelry making and set design. During high school my mother gave me a 35mm SLR camera that allowed me to develop my love of photography. Unfortunately a physics degree, work and family left little time to indulge my artistic interests after high school. Even so, I did find ways to express my creativity in building and installing things for my home, gardening and volunteering for various projects at my child's schools. Once my family was mostly grown, I had more time to focus on creative projects of my own choosing.

I tap into this variety of loves and experiences to bring forth the creations, using my two hands, found at my different venues for Eclectic Design Choices.

My hand crafted jewelry and accessories contain an eclectic range of materials including gemstones, crystal, glass, brass, repurposed materials, wood, freshwater pearls, and feathers. My creations will delight a wide range of people, from high society to science geeks. I enjoy creating a wide range of styles and custom work is encouraged. The components for each creation are chosen for their individual beauty and combined appeal.

My photographic art blends my experiences as a painter and photographer. I take each of my original photos and manipulate them digitally to bring about a wide range of results including pencil sketches, block print style images, abstract and psychedelic impressions of the original image. Nature is a favorite subject. My images are then printed in house or outsourced and presented as note cards, bookmarks, purse hangers, matted prints, ready to hang pieces of art and more.

For more examples of my work and where you can purchase it, please visit my artisan space.