Ellengant Creations - Ellen

I came late into the world of art. Growing up, I tried my hand at many different types of art but none of them “clicked” with me. Then in the early 1990s, I was introduced to polymer clay and I found my passion.

In the beginning, I made beads and jewelry. As I became more confident, I branched out into sculpting ornaments and figures.

My favorite sculpting subjects are fish and other sea life because I am a beach bum at heart. I also enjoy creating dragons and cats because each one expresses its own personality as I sculpt.

Polymer clay remains my favorite creative medium, but in recent years I have been taking mixed media classes and teaching myself digital art. When I work in one media I am always thinking about how I can combine it with the other two.

I am always looking for ways to expand my creativity and to express myself artistically.

For more examples of my work and where you can purchase it, please visit my artisan space.