Glassyboop - Betty and Jamie

I have always loved art glass and began working with glass art over 37 years ago, when (husband) Bill noticed my interest and gave me stained glass lessons for our first Christmas. Little did he know it would entail building 4 workshops and many “honey-do” projects. I enjoy the flexibility in design glass allows. My style ranges from functional to fine art landscapes and from jewelry to funky designs as I interpret the world around me in glass.

I work with fused, dichroic and stained glass. I create my fused glass works by cutting individual pieces of glass, placing them together in a pattern or layers, and firing in a digital glass kiln with temperatures from 1200–1700 degrees. Individual pieces may be fired numerous times to achieve the final art form. I have worked over the years to develop kiln-firing schedules that create the look I want while annealing the glass for strength and longevity. Dichroic glass is created during glass manufacturing when metals and minerals are vaporized and combined with glass to create a permanent, extremely hard glass surface.