Maisy's Creative Touch - Y Jacqueline

I've always had creative urges. I began as a seamstress and DIY decorator for starters. HGTV had me going in circles. Then, I began to branch out to candle making and the journey towards natural skincare was born. As I learned more about the craft of candle making, I felt as though something was missing. I met a woman that told me I should expand my line of products to include lotions and soaps.

That kindled something inside of me. After experimenting with "shake and bake" bases of soaps and lotion I decided to make my own. I became concerned with the harmful ingredients used in the commercially manufactured products I was using. I have a problem with using something with a name I can’t pronounce. I wanted to learn more of what was considered natural and researched making skincare reading books and searching my best friend Google.

I started with my mother and aunt because I remember Grandma making soap and I just knew I was on my way. Sadly, they didn't remember because they were used as child labor and have done all they can to erase the memory of those years. Not to be dismayed. I took a class and fell in love. It's something about creating something from what seems like nothing and having it become a work of art (modestly speaking). One day I ran across a woman online who was into natural before it was really cool and the spark was ignited. She taught me about using natural, plant-based and organic ingredients. Since I was always looking for ways to use herbs and botanical products for my health issues I thought “Eureka I found it!” My sister used to tease me by calling me "Root Dr." Now guess who thinks she’s the natural guru. I don't make any claims however so don't even think about asking me. I am constantly researching ingredients that minister to the skin and body naturally and it is my desire that my products do just that for you.

For more examples of my work and where you can purchase it, please visit my artisan space.