TxWeaver - Susan Ashley

I have been weaving baskets since 1983 and have created baskets using many styles and materials. Lately, I have been creating gourd art by weaving on dried gourds and coiling pine needles into baskets and ornaments. I even weave copper for necklace pendants.

Weaving on gourds is challenging because it requires mastering special power tools and finishing techniques. Many hours of prep work are involved before a gourd is ready for the final step of weaving on the rim.

My pine needle basketry began when I moved to Arlington in 2003 into a home surrounded by pine trees and found my yard covered with potential weaving material.

Color and texture are the driving forces behind each piece. I start with a color and then carefully choosing embellishments like rock slices, handblown glass, shells, beads, leather and feathers to add texture.

I delight in creating woven art every day — playing with color and texture and experimenting with new techniques. I feel I am “up-cycling” humble natural materials to create colorful art inspired by nature and often by Native American Art.

For more examples of my work and where you can purchase it, please visit my artisan space.