unplain jane studio

With deference to minimalism, an eye towards commercial design, and an ear for humor and irony, through my art I seek to reveal familiar moments in a new way.

When I was a child, my mother used to say, “We’ll see what we see by taking a look.” Maybe that’s why I always had a camera or pencil in my hand, taking pictures, writing stories and drawing picture books about everyday life and dinosaurs. I was sure I’d grow up to be a paleontologist-illustrator. Little did I know that as an adult, the boldness of simplification would direct my compositions and the thrill of digging under the surface of things would enhance my technique.

Today, I don’t go anywhere without my camera, my laptop and an erasable pen in an effort to capture unrehearsed moments and sympathetic storytelling that draws out individuality within the subject and the universality of context. Read more of my creative journey in my artisan bio.
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